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I'm bumping up against the prim limits on my little 512 parcel and looking for ways to knock down my prim count so I have more prims to make skirts with.

I have a nice enough freebie couch that I picked up somewhere but it takes up nine prims and I decided that needed some tweaking.

Fortunately, it was fully modifiable, so I unlinked and dissected it a bit to see what I could subtract. The legs and armrests were actually done pretty efficiently--the original designer, one Siggy Romulus by name, had used hollowed boxes for them so they took three prims instead of the six prims I'd dreaded they would.

However, the armrests were supported by cylinders against the legs. Why? It's not like they were going to fall down without them.

So I deleted the cylinders and saved a grand total of four prims. But when you're building stuff, four prims can make all the difference.

Couch still looks fine. I suppose if I was on a really big physics-defying tip, I'd delete the legs and just let the thing hover, but it looks credible enough.

Eventually, I suppose I'm going to have to invest in a larger space. But for now I think I'll stay on the minimalist side and hang out in the mansions of my friends if I need a taste of the luxe life.
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Apr. 23rd, 2008 02:12 am
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An imperfect shot, but so glad to even see it possible again . . .
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My immediate neighbor built a rather large building directly next to my little plot. I felt a little hemmed in with a brick wall right next to me. I was seriously looking at buying a new place, but I've decided for now that a sort of privacy fence with a snow texture suits me just as well. Looking at a wall of snow doesn't feel as claustrophobic to me as looking at a wall of brick. And, ya know, two prims and a library texture are free, whereas a whole new plot of land wouldn't be cheap, especially in this market.
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. . . dancing together at Quantum. That's all.
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Sunday afternoons are optimal SL time for my schedule, which is why I have my Dreamer's Circle meetings then. The membership has dwindled down to myself and Alanagh Recreant, and was forced to become more unofficial since Alanagh reached her Group limit.

I've offered to do a regular 'newbie class' at Quantum Fields, and it's looking like Sunday mornings, a little before my Group meeting, will work best.

I just realized that I phrased that first sentence a bit badly for what I meant, but going back over notecards to post them via my BlogHUD tends to glitch them, so let me plow forward and clarify--Sunday afternoons in my time zone are optimal SL time, tho

Anyway, I was invited to Galatea Gynoid's rezday party at Extropia and decided I could meet with Alanagh in IM, as we've been known to do. Alanagh asked if we could do the same, since it turned out she was going to someone's rezday party . . .

You can kind of guess how it turned out. So we were able to meet and say hello to everybody, and do our little goal setting session in IM while dancing.

I love this place.

Also, while I was scoping out possible classroom locations for my newbie classes I noticed that Quantum Fields has some rather nice apartments for rent. I sent word to my darling Beginning Thursday and she jumped at the chance. She'll probably be talkin

I'm not particularly happy with the new viewer, by the way. The little tweaks to the interface are things I'll get used to in time, but the crashing more times in a few days than I had in weeks is not so great. *grumble*
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EDIT: As much as I appreciate the kind comments emanating anonymously from Washington and Indiana, the odd vagueness of the remarks smelled a little too much like spam for my liking, so I deleted them. I understand that not everybody has or even wants a LiveJournal, and thus I allow anonymous comments, but I do leave the IP tracing option over and I have no fear of the delete button. Keep that in mind.
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It's a bit odd seeing a band I've seen in RL in SL, but I couldn't resist popping by to see What The . . . ? play the SL version of The Cavern Club.
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Fresh from formal night at Grizzy's Cafe, Beginning and I spend a little quality time in her apartment on the lounger she just won last night from a raffle ball.
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So a year ago, after a rather extraordinary night and a strange day spent recovering from it, I swung by my parents' house to borrow their computer since that was the only way I could get on SL at the time.

Miles and I sent cell phone text messages back and forth in the hopes of arranging a meetup there. Miles urged me to go to the Saturn Grill while I waited for her to arrive.

So I searched for Saturn Grill and thus I arrived at Quantum Fields for the first time.

The Saturn Grill is apparently the SL rendering of a RL restaurant. Just outside of it, people were dancing to the tunes being spun by DJ Lysander Lemuria (Miles Montgolfier's RL brother.) There was also a mechanical bull that you could hop on the back of and see how many seconds you could hold on before you were thrown off. (It was fun. I miss that bull.)

Miles never managed to make it inworld that particular night before I gave up and drove home, but I did return and Miles and I spent many a night there dancing and getting to know the ways of Positive Quantum Energy. I remember when Miles gave me a slew of freebie skins and clothes (to help me shed some of the newbie look I was still carrying) on top of the giant robot they used to have there.

When my Very Dear Friend, Beginning Thursday, first incarnated into SL on a Thursday night, Quantum Fields was one of the first places she went, at my recommendation. She was made very welcome in short order.

Over the year I've been there, I've watched the place grow and change, watched them move the dance floor from place to place (much to my frustration!) and now the shop I've been talking about opening for yay these many months is officially open there. (Just down a bit from the Saturn Grill, actually.)

And, to celebrate the year anniversary of my arrival, they've been having their second Positive Quantum Energy festival all this weekend in my honor! Okay, maybe not. Though it is funny how that worked out.

Drop by sometime and see the place that has shaped so much of my Second Life. The PQE Festival runs through Sunday, but the PQE will always be there year-round . . .

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PQE Fest!

Feb. 3rd, 2008 02:02 am
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Friday Feb 1, 2008 starting at 4 PM until Sunday Feb 3 at 11:59 PM.

Take part is this incredible Positive Quantum Energy (PQE) 3 day party! Live Bands, Live Dj's, Artist and Vendor exibitions! Lots of dancing, at the gorgeous QTLabs Entertaiment Center as well as in sim shopping at the 42nd Street Mall! Additionally, lo

Live entertainment includes Streeter Nation; Mikelec Criss; Kosumo Tokugawa; Rockpianoman Pienaar; Rosedrop Rust; 03restes Larson Live Performer; Grensgeval Belguim Live Band; Edward Koyomoon; Starr Singer; VLB Virtual Live Band; Mich Rumpler Live Perform

In sim shopping with Particules FX; Bella Dutton Designs; Groovygirl Designs; Social Butterfly & X-ist Essentials Home Furnishings!

Don't miss out on this party and be a part of PQE history!

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Baby Steps

Dec. 20th, 2007 02:52 am
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Redoing the signage for the safety pin salesprims once more . . . getting better at this with each iteration.

Still need a little more product before I talk about opening the store proper, but every step forward feels good. Even the mistakes have been educational.
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Dec. 19th, 2007 08:26 pm
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. . . it so figures that the one night I set aside to get some things done with Social Butterfly would be the one night that the grid is down for maintenance.

So I figured I'd update my blog instead.

My Very Dear Friend Beginning Thursday picked up the free version of BlogHUD and has been sending her missives to the blogosphere from inworld. I rather ruefully note that she seems to be posting from more and varied locations than I've been.

I've been meeting some of my neighbors in Livigno. Someone bought the plot next door and I went over at one point to see what he'd done with the place. He glanced at my profile and remarked that I seemed a bit 'freaky'. I didn't dissuade him. He asked what my actual gender was; I told him it wasn't important.

A few days later, I was hopping on to check messages and send an apology for missing my Group meeting, I met another one of the neighbors who was passing by on the path that the folks on the other side of me have built. I paused between IMs long enough to say howdy and she went on her way.

And I just checked, and it looks like the Grid is back up! Amazing how much we miss it when it disappears on us.
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Sometimes I have to step inworld just long enough to clear all the Group Notices out of the corner of my screen.

This is such a morning. And I figured I'd say hello to the blogosphere while I'm at it.

Good morning.
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Wandering my eye away from class because these trees compelled me.
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So I'm here in a TUI class in the break between part 1 and part 2.

The instructor crashed towards the end of the class, but came back before chaos broke out.

So much to learn about prims. But I'm determined to know.
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Still having problems getting my BlogHUD to talk to my LJ. :/

If you're reading this on my LJ, these problems have been resolved. If not, well . . .
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