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My third rezday was last Saturday and while I wasn't able to make it inworld until late in the day, I did have a lovely time once I made it in.

Cut for length and photography )

Beginning has been spending enough time inworld on her own (at my insistence) that she's considering starting a blog of her own to detail her adventures. I'll let everybody here know the moment she does.
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I can't seem to stay a girl for long these days. I did shift back to try on a new dress I'd picked up via a FashCon announcement, but that only lasted a day or two before [livejournal.com profile] faerie_h was sadistic enough kind enough to point me to the Bare Rose shopping site. Bare Rose, as I have lamented before, is my major SL shopping addiction, because the clothes there are amazingly high in quality and insanely low in price. I grabbed a charmingly rumpled outfit called Albert and fiddled with all the combinations before settling on the red version.

And then, naturally, I called up Beginning and we went out on a date.

She dug through her inventory to come up with an outfit that she felt content with (muttering about how she really needs to do a proper sort of all the clothes she's acquired, since she went crazy with the freebie ganking in her early days) and we decided to try a different jazz club for a change. I hit search, picked one that looked interesting, but discovered that they apparently had a slightly stricter dress code than we were accustomed to. Not that we were dressed all that sloppily, and we certainly aren't lacking for formalwear in our respective inventories, but neither of us felt like changing in the street, so we decided to return at some other time.

We wandered elsewhere and finally decided that what we really wanted was somewhere quiet where we could sit together and just be. And since [livejournal.com profile] caliburnsusanto wasn't about, we decided to borrow his island.

Seems Caliburn has gone and rearranged things since our previous Isla Susanto photo session, so weren't able to find the campfire spot where we'd cuddled before. But we did find the gazebo and sat there together.

My screenshots are unable to do proper justice to the beauty of the space there, so I only snapped this one picture:

It's not that large, but I'm cutting it anyway... )

I think the thing I like about it the most is that it managed to capture one little moment when Beginning is looking at me, an odd quirk of the 'follow the mouse' gaze (which I shan't belabor, lest I unravel the seams of this peculiar tapestry.)

I am pondering the insane notion of spending 24 continuous hours in Second Life and, of course, blogging the hell out of what I find in the process. I will probably have to do it without Beginning accompanying me, so perhaps that is the reason we are gorging ourselves on each other's company while we can. I plan to let everyone know the day if I wind up doing this and am open to any suggestions as to what I might be able to do in the wee smalls of the virtual morning.
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The problem with threatening to rant about something in a future entry is the fact that it makes me reluctant to post anything else until said rant has been written.

This post is not that rant. I'll get to it eventually, honest, even though most of the kerfuffle has been and gone by now.

Anyway, in our quest for a secondary viewer that allows Beginning and I to spend quality time together, we have taken to using Imprudence. Beginning logs in via Imprudence and I log in via the Release Candidate Viewer (a habit I fell into when it proved more stable than the regular one on my machine.)

Thus far, we've managed to stay out for long stretches without too many encounters with the crashmonster. Beginning still uses the regular Second Life viewer when flying solo, though, since Imprudence does not yet provide sound for Mac users. It's not a problem when we're together--sound effects and streaming music can flow through my iteration, and Beginning prefers deafness to the blindness she experienced when she gave AjaxLife a try.

Thus far, we've been out dancing at the Blue Note and Quantum Fields, and fishing at Grizzy's Cafe (though we were stymied by the fact that our fishing poles needed to be updated, and came back later to take care of that.)

[livejournal.com profile] grizzygriswold also had another guest joining us fishing:

(Don't mess with the Grizz, folks, she knows people . . .)

I can't seem to come across a pair of poseballs without calling Beginning up and having her join me. The dance in the corner of the floor at Quantum is one of our favorites. And as we're swooning in each other's arms, I sometimes wonder what that's like for avatars who live in separate bodies. Are they flooded with the same sense of love? And if they are, do they, perhaps, project these feelings on the other, even if they don't know the other all that well? Is this warm glow merely an illusion, the way one is swept away by a romantic film? Or is there something true behind it?

Whatever it is, it remains balm for my fractured heart. And I suppose I can count myself fortunate that for once in my life, I depend on no other soul to obtain it.
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One can see it as a risk, when Real Life gets stressful, to find oneself spending a little more time in Second Life than usual. But, then again, Real Life kept me away from Second Life so much that "more than usual" is more like "back to previous levels."

I had a long chat with Beginning about my woes, and she was, as always, understanding and curiously insightful in that way she has.

Lee Ludd was AFK and unable to help me directly, but he was kind enough to point me to his website, which provided instructions on how to reconfigure and reinstall the doors. It took several attempts, but I finally got them back to where they were in my reprimmed house.

I've discovered that my new configuration comes with some slight disadvantages in terms of texturing--I'm forced to keep floor, walls and ceiling all the same color--so I rezzed myself a rug and did a little creative texture work with some building class materials. It'll do for now.

I ended up going on a maddened shopping spree, buying chairs and wings from Seven's Selections and a couple of goth outfits from Bare Rose. Then I called up Beginning (if you will) and took her out on a date.

We settled on the Blue Note, had a nice little ballroom dance for a while and then went to the boardwalk, where we made a marvelous discovery. There's a spot where you can rez a couples walk so one person can walk for both avatars as they hold hands together.

Anybody who has been following along will understand why this was such a perfect invention for the pair of us. There was also a version for purchase--I bought the 'holding close' one--that we should be taking advantage of in future.

So we walked together and had a swoony moment in the park (the Blue Note sim is one of the best spots for romance that I know of in Second Life) and then got a notice from Quantum Tribe Laboratories that they were having a DJ round robin, so we decided to go out with a bang and headed there for a while. Things started to get slow and pixelly, so we bowed out graciously instead of tempting the crashmonster.

It felt good to have that. It seems even romances like ours need a little rekindling now and then.
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I'm bumping up against the prim limits on my little 512 parcel and looking for ways to knock down my prim count so I have more prims to make skirts with.

I have a nice enough freebie couch that I picked up somewhere but it takes up nine prims and I decided that needed some tweaking.

Fortunately, it was fully modifiable, so I unlinked and dissected it a bit to see what I could subtract. The legs and armrests were actually done pretty efficiently--the original designer, one Siggy Romulus by name, had used hollowed boxes for them so they took three prims instead of the six prims I'd dreaded they would.

However, the armrests were supported by cylinders against the legs. Why? It's not like they were going to fall down without them.

So I deleted the cylinders and saved a grand total of four prims. But when you're building stuff, four prims can make all the difference.

Couch still looks fine. I suppose if I was on a really big physics-defying tip, I'd delete the legs and just let the thing hover, but it looks credible enough.

Eventually, I suppose I'm going to have to invest in a larger space. But for now I think I'll stay on the minimalist side and hang out in the mansions of my friends if I need a taste of the luxe life.
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We cannot be seen in crowds.

That, after trial and error, is what I have discovered about Beginning and myself. In sparsely populated sims, with perhaps one or two other people, we can linger as long as we like. But if we hit the dance floor and too many others are there, the crashmonster will pounce on one or both of us.

[livejournal.com profile] caliburnsusanto was kind enough to take some pictures of Beginning and me together at his palatial grounds at Isla Susanto.

Large pictures lurk beyond this point . . .  )
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It's a bit odd seeing a band I've seen in RL in SL, but I couldn't resist popping by to see What The . . . ? play the SL version of The Cavern Club.
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Fresh from formal night at Grizzy's Cafe, Beginning and I spend a little quality time in her apartment on the lounger she just won last night from a raffle ball.
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So I'm here in a TUI class in the break between part 1 and part 2.

The instructor crashed towards the end of the class, but came back before chaos broke out.

So much to learn about prims. But I'm determined to know.
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So it's Halloween in Second Life. (Some might argue that every day is Halloween in Second Life.) Marcus Prospero ([livejournal.com profile] adjectivemarcus) was kind enough to point people in the [livejournal.com profile] second_lifers community (in this entry) to some amazing, free and full perm costumes that he had. So, last night, I used the SLURL and popped on over.

Cut for large pictures and much geekish flailing . . .  )

So it being Halloween and all, I decided to make a costume for SL. Of course, it seems a bit odd to make a costume in an environment where one can change appearance at will, but I had a little little idea, and just enough texturing, building and scripting skills to pull it off. (Along with a cheap suit from China and my Blaze tuxedo shoes.)

The result . . .  )

Happy Halloween, everybody!
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A little before I started this blog, I came across the [livejournal.com profile] second_lifers community and found out about places like Kadarin Hall and Grizzy's Cafe. I was there when [livejournal.com profile] kateamdahl was first asking for ideas for a place she wanted to build where people could have fun in a more intellectually stimulating fashion than Second Life usually provides.

The result was The Diversionarium, and I'm a bit embarrassed to say that it wasn't until recently that I finally gave it a visit, having been such an enthusiastic supporter of the idea from the early stages. But, I finally made it and the landmark now sits in the "Hangouts" folder in my inventory.

My first few visits were solo experiences, as there were no scheduled events, but there are still ways to keep oneself amused even alone. Quoste (a guess-the-word game that involves notable quotations) can be fun in a group, but can also be played by oneself. They also have games like Chess and Reversi for duos, and Mystery Build for larger groups (more on that later.)

I went another night when the lovely [livejournal.com profile] nox_pinion was hostessing. We had a long chat about ideas for a sort of newbie tips website I've been thinking about creating so people entering Second Life for the first time would be a little more prepared. We were joined by featherfoot Fadoodle ([livejournal.com profile] azureavian) and she in turn invited a few more friends (whose names and LJs, if any, I have lost track of.) I played a game of Reversi with Nox (I won, but probably because Nox was too distracted by hostessing duties to pay full attention to the game) and then we decided to convene upstairs and ended up playing a few rounds of Mystery Build.

I really enjoyed Mystery Build, because it is one of those things you can really only do easily in Second Life. The closest RL equivalent would be Pictionary, but instead of drawing, you have to build a representation of the word out of prims. The slightly frustrating thing is that the scripted object that runs the game decides if someone has guessed correctly, and close guesses don't always count. I had to create "a bowl of cereal" and someone guessed "cereal bowl" very early on, but the script didn't parse it as a successful guess, but did accept just "cereal". Of course, by that point I'd not only made the bowl, I'd made the box and was tilting it over the bowl and adding little bits of cereal streaming from the top. Anybody who wants practice their building skills, my goodness, it's a great way to do it.

On another visit to the Diversionarium, I ran into another LJ denizen, [livejournal.com profile] argent_bury, inworld for the first time. I'd been wandering in boyshape at the time and she was a bit surprised to see me thus. I showed her one of the few male outfits I have--the Blaze tuxedo that I still treasure--and she changed into her little black dress to match.

click for pic . . . )

I got a notice that DJ Lysander was doing his thing at QTLabs, and I decided to wander over there for a bit.

I have a little more time to work with than I did, so I may be spending a little more time inworld. Just have to be careful that I don't get too absorbed in it at the cost of those pesky RL obligations.
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Most of my rezday was spent with Miles. We looked at and ultimately settled on a location for our Social Butterfly store. Talk about motivation to get things moving!

Alas, I also had some RL drama going on at the same time, and Miles was unable to offer me comfort. I talked to Sacred Singh about it, who was incredibly kind and insightful, and who gave me the clarity to make a very difficult decision.

The repercussions of that decision are still reverberating in my life. I won't go into details--that's for the other journal. But, at any rate, Second Life held no appeal for me for the next several days. (And, as it turned out, it was a lucky thing it didn't, because the infrastructure was gafarked for much of that time.)

Sunday, I'd sufficiently (if not completely) recovered enough to have my weekly goal-setting Group meeting. Two made it, one sent regrets (she was still cleaning up messes left behind by the SL troubles of the past few days) and one wasn't even logged in. I touched briefly on my RL troubles and then focused on the meeting. It was good.

Afterwards, I worked on a sort of tutorial kit on How To Make Prim Skirts to give to Miles, since our schedules are now such that coordinating time to meet is difficult at best. I'll be giving it one last review and delivering it the next time I'm inworld.

Working on Social Butterfly is going to be a little harder with the RL business still going on, but I hope to be able to keep things going in a forward direction. Watch this space.
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So I slipped my female body back on. I haven't given up on the boyshape, I just feel like letting my feminine side come out to play again.

Between one thing and another, my Linden dollar balance was standing at L$4,999. Not a bad place to be, but the number itched at me. I seem to have certain obsessive-compulsive tendencies that derive satisfaction from round numbers that end in zero (the more zeros, the better.) One more Linden would bring the balance to a nice, tidy $5,000. But how to get it? The only income I have is my stipend, and that obviously wouldn't help.

I think it says something about my Second Life experience that it actually took me a while to think of a solution.

I went camping.

The whole concept of camping chairs completely baffled me when I first heard about it. Dance pads made a certain amount of sense--paying someone to dance and add to the atmosphere. But what did someone gain by paying someone to sit in a chair? The answer, as it turns out, is traffic--a bunch of green dots that make a place look interesting to someone who is looking for something to do.

Earning money by sitting in one place never really appealed to me, though. Especially such a profound pittance. But, since the only thing I needed was one Linden and that would only take about ten minutes of ass-parking, I decided to go ahead and give it a try.

The Search function led me to a number of places that sum up the worst parts of Second Life--ugly, laggy, noisy places that are all about Ways To Make Money. Many of them were of the consumer survey variety and one was a former casino that was now spookily empty since they had to get rid of the slot machines.

I finally found a relatively pleasant mall-type place that had camping. It was even a rather nice bit of 'set decoration'--the camping spots were blankets on a beach and sitting on one placed your avatar in a sunbathing position. (At least if you did it right--my first attempt had me sitting on the blanket proper instead of the poseball and left me sitting upright, buried up to my chest.) I talked to a passing newbie and explained to him what I was doing and ended up crashing somewhere in the middle of our conversation. Dang.

I logged back in and got things ready for my Group meeting and tried again when it was over. This time, I was able to lie down for ten minutes, do a little inventory sorting and then when the little indicator said I'd earned one Linden, I stood up and collected.

My Linden balance became an even L$5,000. My inner bean counter was happy and I was free to explore the world again.

So I guess even camping has its uses for people like me. I maintain that camping is the SL equivalent of a burger-flipping job--unskilled labor that doesn't earn you enough to live on, but might be just fine if all you need a little bit of spending money.
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We've all been there, of course. You stumbled from Orientation Island to Help Island, worked your way through until you kinda, sorta, felt you had the hang of it and then ventured past the point of no return into the big, wide world of Second Life.

I found it a bit crazy where I arrived. Fortunately, I found a teleport booth that pinged me to a little club that was pretty much set up for newbies to find their footing. There was a dancefloor and in one corner was a literal heap of boxes containing freebies for newbies to help themselves to.

I had a little bit of help, because other Duranies had ventured there before me and were able to devote more time to getting settled. We traded SL names on the Duran Duran message boards, and I soon friended some people I knew from there and at one point had a lovely little gossip session about certain Duranies we knew, while sitting around a patio table on the roof of someone's house.

Miles probably got me up to speed faster than anybody, once we started meeting up in SL regularly. She took me to Deviant Kitty and gave me Lindens to buy my first flexi hair. She directed me to Quantum Fields and introduced me to her circle of friends and acquaintances.

I don't hang in places where newbies show up much, but once in a while I come across them. Recently, I checked out a place on a lark and came across a rather endearing newbie named Rubber (I'll have to look up his last name.) He asked me where I was from. I told him "Livigno." Then I ended up taking him to my humble abode and showing him around. (I live on a 512 plot, so there isn't much to show.) I found out a nifty way to teleport somebody without having to friend them right away--just open their profile and leave it open when you teleport. When you land, the profile window will still be open and you can offer a teleport from there.

So I showed him my digs and he asked what my hangouts were, so I took him to Quantum Fields. DJ Lysander was doing his thing and people who hadn't seen me in a while were saying hello. It felt kind of odd to be that cool. Rubber got the hang of using the dance ball and we grooved for a bit before he asked to see the rest of the place. So we went off for a bit--I showed him the Saturn Grill, which is apparently a replica of a RL restaurant that sponsors the sim and we ended up on the boardwalk, watching the prim waves. He said he was interested in learning how to build things--I pointed him toward the Ivory Tower of Primitives. I finally had to leave--it was very late for me and my RL bed was calling, but I gave him a hug goodnight and expressed the hope that I'd see him again.

Sometimes hanging out with someone who literally sees this virtual world with new eyes can make you appreciate things a little more. I wonder if that's part of what drives the people who run that newbie club where I first found my bearings all those months ago.
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The good girls keep diaries, the bad girls don't have the time? Yeah. That one.

Much as in my RL blog, the long silence between entries is not always an indication that nothing is happening. It's just as likely to be an indication that EVERYTHING is happening, and I'm afraid to update, because it will take me days to write it all down.

Of course, by the time I do update, all the witty and detailed things I was going to write have vanished from my head and I'm left doing a quick summary.

So, in no particular order (links and pics may be edited in later . . .)

At the recommendation of one [livejournal.com profile] caliburnsusanto, I visited the legendary Svarga. It's a beautiful place, in the style of some ancient garden in a fantasy novel. I spent some time wandering about worn roads and mossy courtyards and even stumbled on an oracle that gave me my fortune on a notecard.

I've gotten into the habit of using the Events Calendar to find neat stuff to do. Yeah, the Events can be pretty spamtastic, but if you filter for, say, Discussion or Arts and Culture, it screens out the casino ads quite nicely. And there are art openings going on all the time, so I've come across some really neat galleries. Unfortunately, I keep forgetting to create Landmarks so I can find them again! (Memo to Galleries--LM dispensers are handy things to have if you want people to come back.) I've also used the Education filter to find classes in building and even on meditation and manifestation.

I also did my first Event myself--I hosted a salon discussion on "Art in Second Life". The turnout was large enough that I had to duplicate my couch and pull out a few of the one-prim chairs I learned to make at that building workshop. (I also got a few confused French people who must have seen the word "salon" and thought "Yeay! A word I understand!" Unfortunately, I don't speak French, and I didn't feel like strapping on the Babbler to explain this concept.) It was a nice little discussion--I hope to do it again sometime.

Speaking of Events, I also went to a Linden Lab town hall type meeting on the subject of spam in the Event Calendar, with Jesse Linden hosting. Thankfully, it stayed relatively on-topic. They're looking at setting things up so people could flag Event listings as spam, the way one does on Craiglist, which I support utterly. (Heck, I suggested it in the Linden blog!) They're looking at adding some other weird feature which would allow people (people who can do complicated computer coding stuff) to set up Events in their own way, which I didn't like the sound of, but I couldn't hang around to get all the details on, because I had a RL event to go to. I registered my displeasure and left it at that.

The other night, I also went step-by-step through Natalia Zelmanov's tutorial on how to make prim hair. (Click on "Build (Tutorials, Techniques, etc)" in the Site Index of her blog to get to it--there is so much great information there!) The basic prim hair came out pretty good for a first try (and, hey, it's FREE!), but the flexi hair ended up a mess. I did learn a lot from it, though, and I think I may take some flexi hair I already own and examine How They Did It a little more closely.

The lovely and talented irix Pink has created some textures for Miles and I to use for our Social Butterfly line. Things are starting to fall into place.

Oh, and one other bit of good news. The prim litter on the Governor Linden land near my place has finally been cleaned up. I filed something like three different Abuse Reports about it and the Lindens finally got a clue and set the land for five-minute autoreturn so people won't be able to stack up crap and leave it there. Yeah, so it took them a month or so to get around to it, but, hey, they finally did something, so I'm happy.

And I recently discovered what the Lockmeister Cuffs that I picked up for free from a bondage chair are actually for. Up until then, I'd just been wearing the things for decoration. Go figure.
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Actually, it's not really a Maneuver, it's more of a Gesture . . .

No, really, Miles and I made a Gesture in Second Life. Miles wanted a way to type our logo in the chat window--:)i(:--with a shortcut instead of leaning on the shift key for four keystrokes. I suggested if we were going to do that, we ought to have a little sound to play to go with it, so Miles composed a little nine-second .wav file of a sort of fluttery ringtonish chime. (This is not as annoying as it may sound, since most of those seconds are a long slow echoey fade after the initial notes.) Miles uploaded the sound and gave it to me, and I went off to create a new Gesture with it.

In case you were curious, here's how it works . . .  )

Once again, we did our usual rounds at Quantum Fields, with the Positive Quantum Energy Festival in full swing that night. Miles handed out the /bfly Gesture to the other Group members in the room and people were triggering it all night. Miles and Lysander wound up doing tag-team DJ duty--Lysander would play a few songs and then hand the stream over to Miles, who would then play a few tracks and then hand the stream back to Lysander. (I don't know the techy details about How They Did It, beyond the fact that they both have access to the Shoutcast server and used IMs to coordinate the changeovers.) It was a really fun night.

I also did some mucking about with prims, but that didn't turn out quite as well as I would have liked. The torus still baffles me in many ways.

There are big all-day events happening at both Quantum Fields and Caledon. I might check out Caledon; I'll definitely have to swing by Quantum Fields at some point. Of course, there is that pesky Real Life business to be taken care of . . .
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I'd planned on illustrating my adventures a little more extensively, and still may do so, but I realized that there is a certain measure of trickiness that comes with surreptitiously taking screenshots in the middle of a conversation. So most of the pictures here will either be me solo, or me at some kind of mass event where everybody's out to see and be seen anyway. More intimate shots will have to wait until I get the consent of those I'm hanging out with.

I'm writing this entry without any access to last night's screenshots, but I may edit it later to add them in.

I did a little experimenting with my scanner and a dress and came up with a velvet fabric texture. I even got it to work with the alpha channel texture I'd created earlier. Doesn't work as well on the prim skirt as I would have liked, though--have to figure that one out.

thusly . . .  )

Teleports were gafarked for some reason. I got stuck at Medazzaland which, in keeping with the cowboy/cowgirl theme that night, was playing country music. Gah. I tried teleporting to Quantum and couldn't. Tried teleporting home and that was also a no-go. I ended up logging out and logging back in, setting my entry point for home instead of the last place I was. Teleporting still didn't work. I gave flying a try, but found myself once more blocked by angry red barriers around various plots. I couldn't even teleport home. I IMed with Miles--who wanted me to meet somebody--and logged out once more.

Then I tried something sneaky that will come in handy the next time teleportation garfarks.

When you log in, you can set your entry point three ways. You can reappear the last place you were when you logged out, you can start out at the spot you've designated as 'home' (this only makes sense if you own land--otherwise you're only allowed to set spots near the antique telehubs as 'home', which are usually crowded and annoying) OR you can type in a region name and get plunked down somewhere in the middle of it. So I gave the last option a try, typed in "Quantum Acres" (where Miles' place is) and logged in.

Ta-da! I could even see Miles (the wings are a dead giveaway) off in the distance with somebody, so I flew over and landed where they were. I hung with with Miles and some of her friends and we decided to fly over to Quantum Fields where Lysander Lemuria was DJing. I know Lysander through Miles (they're siblings in RL, actually) and he's one of my favorite SL DJs--he plays an eclectic mix of tunes and he'll even give shoutouts to each of the avies in the room in between songs. (He once mused aloud whether my screen name was actually pronounced Cy-Fy-Shy.) I mentioned I was taking pictures for my blog a few nights ago and Lysander said "Go ahead and blog me!" So here you are. ;)

Ladies and Gentlemen, DJ Lysander . . .  )

I danced until late and called it a night. (That's one of the groovy things about Second Life--that you can go out to a dance club while still in your pajamas.)