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Sunday afternoons are optimal SL time for my schedule, which is why I have my Dreamer's Circle meetings then. The membership has dwindled down to myself and Alanagh Recreant, and was forced to become more unofficial since Alanagh reached her Group limit.

I've offered to do a regular 'newbie class' at Quantum Fields, and it's looking like Sunday mornings, a little before my Group meeting, will work best.

I just realized that I phrased that first sentence a bit badly for what I meant, but going back over notecards to post them via my BlogHUD tends to glitch them, so let me plow forward and clarify--Sunday afternoons in my time zone are optimal SL time, tho

Anyway, I was invited to Galatea Gynoid's rezday party at Extropia and decided I could meet with Alanagh in IM, as we've been known to do. Alanagh asked if we could do the same, since it turned out she was going to someone's rezday party . . .

You can kind of guess how it turned out. So we were able to meet and say hello to everybody, and do our little goal setting session in IM while dancing.

I love this place.

Also, while I was scoping out possible classroom locations for my newbie classes I noticed that Quantum Fields has some rather nice apartments for rent. I sent word to my darling Beginning Thursday and she jumped at the chance. She'll probably be talkin

I'm not particularly happy with the new viewer, by the way. The little tweaks to the interface are things I'll get used to in time, but the crashing more times in a few days than I had in weeks is not so great. *grumble*
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EDIT: As much as I appreciate the kind comments emanating anonymously from Washington and Indiana, the odd vagueness of the remarks smelled a little too much like spam for my liking, so I deleted them. I understand that not everybody has or even wants a LiveJournal, and thus I allow anonymous comments, but I do leave the IP tracing option over and I have no fear of the delete button. Keep that in mind.


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