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I’m a girl again.

It was an easy transition. I reverted to one of my female bodies and changed clothes. I’m surprised at how disorganized my inventory is when it comes to clothing. I’ve been using outfits for so long, I don’t know where anything is.

Beginning doesn’t mind. As long as it’s me, it’s love. Not long after I shifted over, we went to one of our usual romantic spots--Inspire Space Park--and gazed at the stars.

Lately, we’ve been exploring by going through all our old landmarks and trying them out to see if they still lead anywhere. Sometimes they lead to abandoned land, sometimes they lead to something other than what the landmark indicates and quite often they lead nowhere at all. Once in a great while, they’ll lead to the thing that the title describes and these we tuck into our folders for future use. It’s not as different from the physical world as it may seem. Businesses close and leave boarded-up buildings behind, the boarded up buildings get mowed down and mixed-use developments built on the spot, and so on. (The Me still mourns a spot that used to be a music venue and is now a clothing store.) It's the same inworld, though it is perhaps different in that land can disappear entirely instead of changing purpose.

I'm sorry about the ads. I let my membership lapse and The Me is on a narrow budget. I'll try to restore some sanity when finances permit.
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When Miles Montgolfier made it her mission to de-noobify my appearance, one of the things that she insisted on correcting was the way I walked. Before then, I'd been stumbling around with the standard issue dorky-looking walk that avatars come with when they enter Second Life. I didn't see anything wrong with it, but then I didn't see anything wrong with avatar hair, either. Miles dissuaded me from both notions by tossing me a few hundred Linden Dollars to buy my first prim hair from Deviant Kitties and then taking me to a shop that had a free Animation Override and insisting that I put it on.

Suddenly, my gawky stumble became a sexy saunter and my hair flowed behind me as I moved. Second Life became a more glamourous place.

When I first shifted to boyshape, the sexy saunter didn't really work as well so I reverted to the dorkwalk until I could find a better option. By then, spending money on enhancing my appearance came naturally to me, so when I asked [livejournal.com profile] caliburnsusanto for advice, he pointed me to a HUD that sat discreetly in the corner of the screen and gave me a manly sort of stride.

For a while, changing genders (as I still do) caused me to change Animation Overrides to the point that I tucked a copy of the sexywalk freebie in the folder for my girlshape so it was easily gotten to. Once in a while, I'd forget, at least until I took a few steps and realized which AO I had on. Then one day, I decided to leave the manly stride in place while in girlshape and decided it didn't look so bad. (Certainly not as bad as leaving the sexywalk in place when in boyshape, at least to my eyes.)

So I think I'll keep it. It seems that even in girlshape these days, I end up retaining a number of my more 'masculine' aspects, such as the indie rock glasses, the clothes and even the hairstyles. I suppose I'm the butch to Beginning's femme when we're in 'rezbian' mode. Plus, it makes shifting back and forth much less of a hassle, which is always helpful.
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I can't seem to stay a girl for long these days. I did shift back to try on a new dress I'd picked up via a FashCon announcement, but that only lasted a day or two before [livejournal.com profile] faerie_h was sadistic enough kind enough to point me to the Bare Rose shopping site. Bare Rose, as I have lamented before, is my major SL shopping addiction, because the clothes there are amazingly high in quality and insanely low in price. I grabbed a charmingly rumpled outfit called Albert and fiddled with all the combinations before settling on the red version.

And then, naturally, I called up Beginning and we went out on a date.

She dug through her inventory to come up with an outfit that she felt content with (muttering about how she really needs to do a proper sort of all the clothes she's acquired, since she went crazy with the freebie ganking in her early days) and we decided to try a different jazz club for a change. I hit search, picked one that looked interesting, but discovered that they apparently had a slightly stricter dress code than we were accustomed to. Not that we were dressed all that sloppily, and we certainly aren't lacking for formalwear in our respective inventories, but neither of us felt like changing in the street, so we decided to return at some other time.

We wandered elsewhere and finally decided that what we really wanted was somewhere quiet where we could sit together and just be. And since [livejournal.com profile] caliburnsusanto wasn't about, we decided to borrow his island.

Seems Caliburn has gone and rearranged things since our previous Isla Susanto photo session, so weren't able to find the campfire spot where we'd cuddled before. But we did find the gazebo and sat there together.

My screenshots are unable to do proper justice to the beauty of the space there, so I only snapped this one picture:

It's not that large, but I'm cutting it anyway... )

I think the thing I like about it the most is that it managed to capture one little moment when Beginning is looking at me, an odd quirk of the 'follow the mouse' gaze (which I shan't belabor, lest I unravel the seams of this peculiar tapestry.)

I am pondering the insane notion of spending 24 continuous hours in Second Life and, of course, blogging the hell out of what I find in the process. I will probably have to do it without Beginning accompanying me, so perhaps that is the reason we are gorging ourselves on each other's company while we can. I plan to let everyone know the day if I wind up doing this and am open to any suggestions as to what I might be able to do in the wee smalls of the virtual morning.

Twice Fair

Jun. 23rd, 2008 06:29 pm
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Tanith Lee is one of my favorite writers in the history of written language. She's not particularly well-known, especially in the US, but I grew up reading and re-reading her work. She's principally known for writing science fiction and fantasy, but she writes it on more of the mythical level then the mechanical level--the details of How Technology Works or How Magic Works are simply not mentioned unless they are genuinely essential to the plot.

She wrote a series of fantasy novels known as the Flat Earth series (not to be confused, of course, with Terry Pratchett's Discworld series), set in a mystical past so far distant that it was before the world as we know it was round. In the book Death's Master, there is a character named Simmu who rather reminds me of who I have become in this world.

Minor spoilers and a lot of rambling lurk behind this cut . . .  )
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So I guess I've officially used up my fifteen minutes of blogosphere fame, now that New World Notes has done a piece on this most peculiar relationship between Beginning Thursday and Yours Truly.

Hamlet Au had linked to this blog previously, as it turns out, remarking on the Augmentationalism versus Immersionalism debate and linking to entries by [livejournal.com profile] sophrosyne_sl and myself as illustrations. (The entries in question, if you don't feel like clicking through to Hamlet's article, are here and here.) At that point, the relationship between Beginning and myself was still being defined, though I think it was not long after we'd been partnered.

I think Hamlet did a fine job of summarizing things, though saving the truth about my gender until the very end did apparently set at least one person off. And it did give a slightly wrong impression, since my profile clearly indicates that I don't confine my avatar to one gender. But I do understand the literary reasons, if you will, for his choice of pronouns and I don't fault him for that.

So if you've wandered here from New World Notes, welcome and enjoy. I hope my odd little musings about SL will keep you diverted. And if you come across either of us inworld, feel free to say hello.
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So I set up another saleprim at the shop, this time for the slightly cheaper unlighted version of the safety pin that Miles created.

I decided that I needed to try and make something of my own for a bit, so I tinkered a bit in Photoshop and attempted another backless top texture. Still don't quite have it perfected, but it looks a little cleaner than my very first attempt. I pulled a

Oh, yeah, by the way, I've gone back to being a girl again. ;) This happens every time I come up with a new clothing design . . . I have to shift to girlshape to try it on.

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Dec. 19th, 2007 08:26 pm
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. . . it so figures that the one night I set aside to get some things done with Social Butterfly would be the one night that the grid is down for maintenance.

So I figured I'd update my blog instead.

My Very Dear Friend Beginning Thursday picked up the free version of BlogHUD and has been sending her missives to the blogosphere from inworld. I rather ruefully note that she seems to be posting from more and varied locations than I've been.

I've been meeting some of my neighbors in Livigno. Someone bought the plot next door and I went over at one point to see what he'd done with the place. He glanced at my profile and remarked that I seemed a bit 'freaky'. I didn't dissuade him. He asked what my actual gender was; I told him it wasn't important.

A few days later, I was hopping on to check messages and send an apology for missing my Group meeting, I met another one of the neighbors who was passing by on the path that the folks on the other side of me have built. I paused between IMs long enough to say howdy and she went on her way.

And I just checked, and it looks like the Grid is back up! Amazing how much we miss it when it disappears on us.


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