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In Four Pictures . . .  )

All in all, it was a lovely rezday. Four is an interesting age to be in a world that is itself only seven. The time the grid existed without me is now exceeded by the time the grid has existed with me in it. And I'm still here. Sometimes frustrated, but still fascinated and hoping to see and do more in this virtual place.
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My third rezday was last Saturday and while I wasn't able to make it inworld until late in the day, I did have a lovely time once I made it in.

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Beginning has been spending enough time inworld on her own (at my insistence) that she's considering starting a blog of her own to detail her adventures. I'll let everybody here know the moment she does.
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I'm bumping up against the prim limits on my little 512 parcel and looking for ways to knock down my prim count so I have more prims to make skirts with.

I have a nice enough freebie couch that I picked up somewhere but it takes up nine prims and I decided that needed some tweaking.

Fortunately, it was fully modifiable, so I unlinked and dissected it a bit to see what I could subtract. The legs and armrests were actually done pretty efficiently--the original designer, one Siggy Romulus by name, had used hollowed boxes for them so they took three prims instead of the six prims I'd dreaded they would.

However, the armrests were supported by cylinders against the legs. Why? It's not like they were going to fall down without them.

So I deleted the cylinders and saved a grand total of four prims. But when you're building stuff, four prims can make all the difference.

Couch still looks fine. I suppose if I was on a really big physics-defying tip, I'd delete the legs and just let the thing hover, but it looks credible enough.

Eventually, I suppose I'm going to have to invest in a larger space. But for now I think I'll stay on the minimalist side and hang out in the mansions of my friends if I need a taste of the luxe life.
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Apr. 23rd, 2008 02:12 am
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An imperfect shot, but so glad to even see it possible again . . .
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My immediate neighbor built a rather large building directly next to my little plot. I felt a little hemmed in with a brick wall right next to me. I was seriously looking at buying a new place, but I've decided for now that a sort of privacy fence with a snow texture suits me just as well. Looking at a wall of snow doesn't feel as claustrophobic to me as looking at a wall of brick. And, ya know, two prims and a library texture are free, whereas a whole new plot of land wouldn't be cheap, especially in this market.
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I took this screenshot on Christmas morning. I've just now cropped and uploaded it for blogsumption.

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Sep. 26th, 2007 03:08 pm
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So I've made a few little changes to the house, and I thought I'd update you on them.

I have doors now! I've had them for a while--the talented Lee Ludd was kind enough to give me some he'd made. He liked the pseudo-Mondrian I had on my wall and gave me Mondrian doors to match. They open, close, say hello and goodbye and made a satisfying clunk when they slam shut.

I've also added some fractal art by Spiral Silverstar to my walls, as well. Spiral's technique is to take fractals and then add effects in PhotoShop to make them more painterly. And he sells them irresistibly cheap, too--the two pieces I have on my wall were only L$100 each! He's got a new location (I've SLURL'ed the location in the link to his name) so check it out if you dig groovy abstract artwork.

I'll add illustrations soon--I just need to edit and upload the screenshots first. But I wanted to get at least something out there after so much silence.

The store is a little closer to opening as soon as I can get some things ready. Some things will have to wait until Miles gets back (she's gone for the week) but I will see what I can do.
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It's vaguely ironic that I picked the Second Life surname "Traveler" on the basis that I figured I'd just be wandering about the place, and then I wound up buying land.

They got rid of the First Land program about a month before I got a membership, which initially pissed me off, but then I did a little reading up on the blog comments to the announcement and discerned that by the time they got rid of it, First Land was (a) hard as nuts to find and (b) usually pretty shitty anyway.

So I went land shopping. My criteria were: a 512 parcel in a Mature region without any covenants, so I could keep my options open as to what I wanted to do with it.

I did a little surfing around and found a listing on SLExchange for a 512 parcel in a snow sim. I looked at some other places, but the snow sim seemed the most ideal for what I needed--a quiet place to hang my virtual hat and do some building.

I paid for a year's membership and got 10,000 Lindens for thirty bucks from a gaming site. Ta-da! The land was mine.

Take the tour . . .  )

Comments and questions (within reason) are always welcome.


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