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I've revised the Five Things To Do Before You Get Started in Second Life on my Newbie Guide to reflect the recent development of Display Names. I realize there's a lot that needs to be tweaked on the site to keep up with the constant changes in Viewer 2, and I hope in the new year to be able to devote some more time to them.
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CyFishy's Tips For Noobs #2: How To Dress Yourself, Part One—Clothing Layers.

I decided not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good and just get things out there. Just about anybody reading here is going to know all these things, but the site is for the benefit of the brand spankin' newbie who is still muddling through things.

Part Two will deal with Attachments and that can be a pretty complicated subject all by itself, so I'll have to burrow a bit to figure out the most useful bits to convey.

Speaking of clothing, Miles has been spinning some amazing fabrics that I'm going to try to fit to the templates I'm coming up with. Still getting the hang of GIMP and its quirks to make it do what I want.

Need to spend some proper time inworld, Beginning and I.
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After a morning of cutting, pasting and uploading, I have now moved all the pages of my Newbie Site to my own little domain, and added a little Google search box, which I will eventually be tweaking to search the site internally as I keep adding to it.

I will keep the Tripod pages in place, so as not to disrupt existing links, but I'll be adding updates to the new site from this point forward.

So, for future reference:

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Writing that page put me in total tech writer mode, checking each step as I did it to make sure it actually worked the way I said it did. I had to use the alt and teleport her to a relatively uncrowded place so I could do such without interruptions.

Feedback is quite welcome. I plan on adding a couple more pages (I'm thinking the next one will be Your Friend, The Search Function) and then going through the steps to contact Linden Lab and have the site listed as an Officially Unofficial Site on secondlife.com.

Social Butterfly is progressing, albeit slowly. I've made some groovy socks. More to come soon.
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So, in an effort to get a feel for Life For The Newbie, I created an additional account about a month ago. I've run her through the paces of getting oriented, hit the freebie bins to get her outfitted and attended a number of newbie classes to find out what sort of questions were being asked and how well they were being answered.

It's been an interesting journey. It really does cement my belief that having someone around who can show you the ropes is one of the main things that can keep people from wandering off in frustration.

I didn't want to reveal her name too soon, because I didn't want people to treat her any differently. At most, she told people she was my friend and that I was helping her. I did leak the news to a select few in IM, because I'm terrible at keeping my own secrets.

And now, in this blog post, I reveal them to you.

Don't click if you'd rather not know . . .  )


Oct. 12th, 2007 01:15 am
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So I've been bapping around the idea of setting up a site for people who are so new to Second Life they haven't even signed up yet.

So I've started. I began it yesterday, spent a huge chunk of today bashing it out and I've just now, in the wee smalls of Friday morning, tweaked it to something I'm satisfied with.

Yes, the HTML is ever so ten years ago. But I coded the whole thing by hand and that's about as far as my webpage skills go at this point.

I will be adding more as time goes on. But here is my beginning:



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