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What I saw when I left.

What I saw when I returned.

Miles showed up and used her powers to sculpt the land like sand castles, spiking the ground into mountain peaks where we sat and had tea.

It wasn't quite the same.

Quantum Acres, where Miles' house is, remains intact for now. We hope to find a new location for Social Butterfly :)i(: but for now our listings on SLMarketplace are still up and available.

I know this world to be an especially ephemeral one at times--castles vanish, avies stop logging in and entire landmasses can disappear. So I take it in stride when something like this happens. But Quantum Fields was one of the first places I'd come to when Miles was introducing me to the wonders of the grid, and I will miss it.
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This is rather absurdly short notice, but I've decided to do the Second Annual Twelve Days of Christmas Sale at Social Butterfly!

Starting Christmas morning (December 25th) and running through the 12th day of Christmas (January 5th) one item in our store will be marked down to a mere L$12. It could be our Kaleidoscope Eyes. It could be one of our lovely shirts. (It probably won't be the L$5 shirts upstairs because, um, that would be kind of silly.) The only way to find out is to go and hover your little cursor over each item to find out the price.

Happy Christmas to all!

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In Four Pictures . . .  )

All in all, it was a lovely rezday. Four is an interesting age to be in a world that is itself only seven. The time the grid existed without me is now exceeded by the time the grid has existed with me in it. And I'm still here. Sometimes frustrated, but still fascinated and hoping to see and do more in this virtual place.
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So if you've been shopping yourself senseless in anticipation of the holidays, here's a special little sale so you can get a little something for yourself. Here's how it works: on each of the Twelve Days of Christmas (December 25 - January 5) we'll be secretly marking down one of the Kaleidoscope Eyes from L$50 down to L$12. It will be marked down just for that one day, so be sure to check back daily.

We'll also have a wrapped package tucked in the corner with a free ladies' top in it just for those twelve days as well.

Social Butterfly is located at Quantum Fields: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Quantum%20Fields/223/83/23

Have a happy holiday season, everyone!
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Did I ever mention that Beginning is not my first alt? Before Beginning, I'd incarnated as Chrysalis Sinister in order to keep the transactions for Social Butterfly separate from my own shopping sprees.

To maintain that, she signed up for XstreetSL so that Social Butterfly could have a presence there. Today, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and make things happen.

While it took something on the order of two attempts for Chrys to acquire her 'magic box', once she got it and set it up on top of our shop, it was easy going. She'd already packaged up the four-packs of Kaleidoscope Eyes in prims for easy delivery, and a simple drop into the contents had them ready to roll in short order. Listing became a much faster process thanks to the use of the template option and now we have seven sets of eyes for the shopping hordes of XstreetSL to peruse.


More to be added soon, we hope, but this is a good enough start.
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So I've been poking about the laboratory, if you will, and am just now emerging into the light of the world to reveal my creations.

Presenting . . .  )

PQE Fest!

Feb. 3rd, 2008 02:02 am
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Friday Feb 1, 2008 starting at 4 PM until Sunday Feb 3 at 11:59 PM.

Take part is this incredible Positive Quantum Energy (PQE) 3 day party! Live Bands, Live Dj's, Artist and Vendor exibitions! Lots of dancing, at the gorgeous QTLabs Entertaiment Center as well as in sim shopping at the 42nd Street Mall! Additionally, lo

Live entertainment includes Streeter Nation; Mikelec Criss; Kosumo Tokugawa; Rockpianoman Pienaar; Rosedrop Rust; 03restes Larson Live Performer; Grensgeval Belguim Live Band; Edward Koyomoon; Starr Singer; VLB Virtual Live Band; Mich Rumpler Live Perform

In sim shopping with Particules FX; Bella Dutton Designs; Groovygirl Designs; Social Butterfly & X-ist Essentials Home Furnishings!

Don't miss out on this party and be a part of PQE history!

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So I set up another saleprim at the shop, this time for the slightly cheaper unlighted version of the safety pin that Miles created.

I decided that I needed to try and make something of my own for a bit, so I tinkered a bit in Photoshop and attempted another backless top texture. Still don't quite have it perfected, but it looks a little cleaner than my very first attempt. I pulled a

Oh, yeah, by the way, I've gone back to being a girl again. ;) This happens every time I come up with a new clothing design . . . I have to shift to girlshape to try it on.

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Baby Steps

Dec. 20th, 2007 02:52 am
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Redoing the signage for the safety pin salesprims once more . . . getting better at this with each iteration.

Still need a little more product before I talk about opening the store proper, but every step forward feels good. Even the mistakes have been educational.
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Writing that page put me in total tech writer mode, checking each step as I did it to make sure it actually worked the way I said it did. I had to use the alt and teleport her to a relatively uncrowded place so I could do such without interruptions.

Feedback is quite welcome. I plan on adding a couple more pages (I'm thinking the next one will be Your Friend, The Search Function) and then going through the steps to contact Linden Lab and have the site listed as an Officially Unofficial Site on secondlife.com.

Social Butterfly is progressing, albeit slowly. I've made some groovy socks. More to come soon.
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Yeah, it figures, no sooner did I announce to the world the location of our shiny new shop, I met with Miles this evening and we decided to move to a new location!

It's here:


It's a shop in the mall that the QTLabs people are setting up. There will be a grand opening soon, which should probably encourage us to get things going in terms of new product. I've already set up the salesprims of our first three items and the freebie box and the sign.

The rent is MUCH cheaper, and we're already on great terms with the QTLabs folks, so it's a win-win situation all around.

Feeling much better about this now that Miles is back from her exile. Watch for updates.
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The store is not officially open as of yet, but I have set up a freebie box and a few items for sale.

Readers of this blog are cordially invited to visit and provide feedback. (And, hey, if you wanna buy something, too, I shan't complain . . . )

[EDIT: removed the SLURL, since it's no longer valid, now that we've moved . . . see this entry for the new place.]


Sep. 26th, 2007 03:08 pm
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So I've made a few little changes to the house, and I thought I'd update you on them.

I have doors now! I've had them for a while--the talented Lee Ludd was kind enough to give me some he'd made. He liked the pseudo-Mondrian I had on my wall and gave me Mondrian doors to match. They open, close, say hello and goodbye and made a satisfying clunk when they slam shut.

I've also added some fractal art by Spiral Silverstar to my walls, as well. Spiral's technique is to take fractals and then add effects in PhotoShop to make them more painterly. And he sells them irresistibly cheap, too--the two pieces I have on my wall were only L$100 each! He's got a new location (I've SLURL'ed the location in the link to his name) so check it out if you dig groovy abstract artwork.

I'll add illustrations soon--I just need to edit and upload the screenshots first. But I wanted to get at least something out there after so much silence.

The store is a little closer to opening as soon as I can get some things ready. Some things will have to wait until Miles gets back (she's gone for the week) but I will see what I can do.
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Most of my rezday was spent with Miles. We looked at and ultimately settled on a location for our Social Butterfly store. Talk about motivation to get things moving!

Alas, I also had some RL drama going on at the same time, and Miles was unable to offer me comfort. I talked to Sacred Singh about it, who was incredibly kind and insightful, and who gave me the clarity to make a very difficult decision.

The repercussions of that decision are still reverberating in my life. I won't go into details--that's for the other journal. But, at any rate, Second Life held no appeal for me for the next several days. (And, as it turned out, it was a lucky thing it didn't, because the infrastructure was gafarked for much of that time.)

Sunday, I'd sufficiently (if not completely) recovered enough to have my weekly goal-setting Group meeting. Two made it, one sent regrets (she was still cleaning up messes left behind by the SL troubles of the past few days) and one wasn't even logged in. I touched briefly on my RL troubles and then focused on the meeting. It was good.

Afterwards, I worked on a sort of tutorial kit on How To Make Prim Skirts to give to Miles, since our schedules are now such that coordinating time to meet is difficult at best. I'll be giving it one last review and delivering it the next time I'm inworld.

Working on Social Butterfly is going to be a little harder with the RL business still going on, but I hope to be able to keep things going in a forward direction. Watch this space.
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Miles has come across some software tools that will make our ideas much, much easier to manifest.

Unfortunately, they only work on Miles' computer (one of the occupational hazards of being a Mac person--I get shut out of some pretty cool stuff sometimes) but said computer is only about a fifteen minute drive away in RL so I may be putting them to use myself if Miles will let me.

At any rate, Miles created a fantastic shirt and then handed it out to all the members of our little Social Butterfly group. I also made a simple dress with some textures she gave to me and a prim skirt I'd just made for myself. It's probably the first dress that I've made that I could seriously see someone paying money for.

The possibilities are unfolding. Like flowers. Or butterfly wings.
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The good girls keep diaries, the bad girls don't have the time? Yeah. That one.

Much as in my RL blog, the long silence between entries is not always an indication that nothing is happening. It's just as likely to be an indication that EVERYTHING is happening, and I'm afraid to update, because it will take me days to write it all down.

Of course, by the time I do update, all the witty and detailed things I was going to write have vanished from my head and I'm left doing a quick summary.

So, in no particular order (links and pics may be edited in later . . .)

At the recommendation of one [livejournal.com profile] caliburnsusanto, I visited the legendary Svarga. It's a beautiful place, in the style of some ancient garden in a fantasy novel. I spent some time wandering about worn roads and mossy courtyards and even stumbled on an oracle that gave me my fortune on a notecard.

I've gotten into the habit of using the Events Calendar to find neat stuff to do. Yeah, the Events can be pretty spamtastic, but if you filter for, say, Discussion or Arts and Culture, it screens out the casino ads quite nicely. And there are art openings going on all the time, so I've come across some really neat galleries. Unfortunately, I keep forgetting to create Landmarks so I can find them again! (Memo to Galleries--LM dispensers are handy things to have if you want people to come back.) I've also used the Education filter to find classes in building and even on meditation and manifestation.

I also did my first Event myself--I hosted a salon discussion on "Art in Second Life". The turnout was large enough that I had to duplicate my couch and pull out a few of the one-prim chairs I learned to make at that building workshop. (I also got a few confused French people who must have seen the word "salon" and thought "Yeay! A word I understand!" Unfortunately, I don't speak French, and I didn't feel like strapping on the Babbler to explain this concept.) It was a nice little discussion--I hope to do it again sometime.

Speaking of Events, I also went to a Linden Lab town hall type meeting on the subject of spam in the Event Calendar, with Jesse Linden hosting. Thankfully, it stayed relatively on-topic. They're looking at setting things up so people could flag Event listings as spam, the way one does on Craiglist, which I support utterly. (Heck, I suggested it in the Linden blog!) They're looking at adding some other weird feature which would allow people (people who can do complicated computer coding stuff) to set up Events in their own way, which I didn't like the sound of, but I couldn't hang around to get all the details on, because I had a RL event to go to. I registered my displeasure and left it at that.

The other night, I also went step-by-step through Natalia Zelmanov's tutorial on how to make prim hair. (Click on "Build (Tutorials, Techniques, etc)" in the Site Index of her blog to get to it--there is so much great information there!) The basic prim hair came out pretty good for a first try (and, hey, it's FREE!), but the flexi hair ended up a mess. I did learn a lot from it, though, and I think I may take some flexi hair I already own and examine How They Did It a little more closely.

The lovely and talented irix Pink has created some textures for Miles and I to use for our Social Butterfly line. Things are starting to fall into place.

Oh, and one other bit of good news. The prim litter on the Governor Linden land near my place has finally been cleaned up. I filed something like three different Abuse Reports about it and the Lindens finally got a clue and set the land for five-minute autoreturn so people won't be able to stack up crap and leave it there. Yeah, so it took them a month or so to get around to it, but, hey, they finally did something, so I'm happy.

And I recently discovered what the Lockmeister Cuffs that I picked up for free from a bondage chair are actually for. Up until then, I'd just been wearing the things for decoration. Go figure.


Apr. 21st, 2007 01:42 pm
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I decided that blathering about my Second Life on my regular blawg would bore my friendlist to tears, and, for that matter, blathering about my Real Life would bore the Second Life people I know to tears, so I'm starting a shiny new journal just for My Second Life.

I have slew of screenshots I snapped that I'm going to be trimming and loading up soon, but for now I thought I'd start with My Story So Far.

Blame Duran Duran. Back in, what, August, when they announced they'd be playing a show in Second Life (which is coming . . . honest . . . Katy Krassner assured me of this) fifty gazillion Duranies and Yours Truly rushed to the site to sign up.

For me, however, there was a snag. The game would not run on my little iBook. It would, however, run on my parents' computer. So for a while, I was confined to checking out SL when my dad wasn't using his computer. It eventually became a Sunday night habit--go to the house, have dinner with the folks, hop on SL for a bit.

Eventually I broke down--or, rather, my iBook did--and I bought a shiny new MacBook Pro that happily plays Second Life.

Within weeks, I'd ponied up for a year's membership and dropped 13,000 Lindens on a 512 patch of land in a snow sim. So far I've built my own house (it's very simple, but I like it more than the Library cabin I was using), created furniture for that house and hung up art on the walls. I'm also learning how to create clothing and tattoos and with my friend Miles Montgolfier (you will probably be hearing a lot about Miles in future entries) we're plotting to open a store called Social Butterfly with a logo that Miles came up with -- :)i(:

So that's where it stands. In future postings, I plan to show some of my usual hangouts and the outfits I've been making, and muse on the nature of unreality and shared environments.

Ta for now.


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