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Second Life is a world designed to be shaped by the creativity of its Residents. How does Second Life relate to other creative mediums and how do those mediums, in turn, relate back to Second Life? Is the world itself an artwork? Join CyFishy Traveler at the Saturn Grill to discuss the possibilities and limitations of creativity in Second Life.

10:00 AM Sunday, September 14 at The Saturn Grill in Quantum Fields.
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Much has been made of Second Life as an economic system--particularly the fact that virtual money can be converted to (and from) actual cash. But do the same rules of economics apply in a virtual world? How are the formulas changed by things like unlimited copies of items, or land that they are, in fact, making more of? And if you can make a RL living off of Second Life--would you really want to? Join CyFishy Traveler at the Saturn Grill to discuss these and other questions about the economy of Second Life.

10:00 AM today at Quantum Fields.
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The first topic for Sundays at Saturn's new monthly schedule is a progression of the previous discussion--the nature of Second Life partnerships and the ceremonies that commemorate them. Do you see it as a serious commitment or just for fun? And what ARE the protocols when you're asked to be a bridesmaid or groomsman? Does a wedding invite really need to be taller than your own avatar? Share your memories and your thoughts about SL weddings--the good, the bad and the only-in-SL crazy.

10:00 AM, Sunday, June 22, 2008 at Quantum Fields.
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Can true love be found in SL? What kind of romance can you have in a virtual space? How seriously do you take avatar partnerships? How many SL weddings have you been to? And how many of those partnerships have lasted? And what happens to the relationship if the people at the keyboards actually meet in person? Join CyFishy Traveler at the Saturn Grill for an open discussion on the nature of relationships and partnerships in Second Life.

(Just posted it now, 'cos things have been crazy, and I'll add the link when it's up on the Events list.)
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People first come to Second Life for any number of reasons, but the friendships they form inworld become a whole new reason to be here. Join CyFishy Traveler for an open discussion of friends met, friends lost, the etiquette of the friends list and the RL/SL crossovers that can happen.
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How much time do you spend in Second Life? How do you weigh your Real Life obligations against your Second Life ones? Is there such a thing as "too much time" in Second Life, or is too much never enough? Do you see time in Second Life as well-spent or wasted? Take the time to join CyFishy Traveler at the Saturn Grill for an open discussion on time in Second Life.

10:00 AM Sunday, April 27 at Quantum Fields.
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Well, when you host a discussion on the nature of identity in Second Life, I guess it comes with the territory, doesn't it?

My second little salon discussion at the Saturn Grill went quite well. I had a little more lead time to advertise and I at least tried to put out a Notice to the Quantum Tribe Laboratories Group, but was thwarted by the fact that I, personally, was not at that membership level, so I settled for a quick announcement in Group Chat and left it at that.

Cut for revealed secrets, circle-breaking and all that jazz . . .  )

Thanks to all who showed up and tune in next week! At GypsyDoctor's suggestion, this week's discussion will be about time in Second Life--how much time we spend in it and how much time is worth it. (I'll link to the Event listing when it goes up officially--I just posted it this morning.)
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Where does the avatar end and the person behind the keyboard begin? Do you see your avatar as a tool, or an individual? How much of your avatar is "you" and how much of it is who you wish you could be? And what happens when you're dealing with multiple avatars? Join CyFishy Traveler at the Saturn Grill in Quantum Fields for an open discussion on the nature of identity in Second Life.

I'm really looking forward to this one and hope some of my blogosphere pals can drop by to provide their insights.
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Second Life is home to a number of virtual replicas of real-life locations, from the Sistine Chapel to Dublin to Mexico. How realistic is a virtual space capable of being? And how realistic should it be? Join an open discussion hosted by CyFishy Traveler at the Saturn Grill in Quantum Fields. Bring your point of view . . . and your landmarks!

10:00 AM, Sunday, April 13 at Quantum Fields. Just placed the Event listing, so it hasn't quite shown up just yet. But feel free to drop by then . . .


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