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We've all been there, of course. You stumbled from Orientation Island to Help Island, worked your way through until you kinda, sorta, felt you had the hang of it and then ventured past the point of no return into the big, wide world of Second Life.

I found it a bit crazy where I arrived. Fortunately, I found a teleport booth that pinged me to a little club that was pretty much set up for newbies to find their footing. There was a dancefloor and in one corner was a literal heap of boxes containing freebies for newbies to help themselves to.

I had a little bit of help, because other Duranies had ventured there before me and were able to devote more time to getting settled. We traded SL names on the Duran Duran message boards, and I soon friended some people I knew from there and at one point had a lovely little gossip session about certain Duranies we knew, while sitting around a patio table on the roof of someone's house.

Miles probably got me up to speed faster than anybody, once we started meeting up in SL regularly. She took me to Deviant Kitty and gave me Lindens to buy my first flexi hair. She directed me to Quantum Fields and introduced me to her circle of friends and acquaintances.

I don't hang in places where newbies show up much, but once in a while I come across them. Recently, I checked out a place on a lark and came across a rather endearing newbie named Rubber (I'll have to look up his last name.) He asked me where I was from. I told him "Livigno." Then I ended up taking him to my humble abode and showing him around. (I live on a 512 plot, so there isn't much to show.) I found out a nifty way to teleport somebody without having to friend them right away--just open their profile and leave it open when you teleport. When you land, the profile window will still be open and you can offer a teleport from there.

So I showed him my digs and he asked what my hangouts were, so I took him to Quantum Fields. DJ Lysander was doing his thing and people who hadn't seen me in a while were saying hello. It felt kind of odd to be that cool. Rubber got the hang of using the dance ball and we grooved for a bit before he asked to see the rest of the place. So we went off for a bit--I showed him the Saturn Grill, which is apparently a replica of a RL restaurant that sponsors the sim and we ended up on the boardwalk, watching the prim waves. He said he was interested in learning how to build things--I pointed him toward the Ivory Tower of Primitives. I finally had to leave--it was very late for me and my RL bed was calling, but I gave him a hug goodnight and expressed the hope that I'd see him again.

Sometimes hanging out with someone who literally sees this virtual world with new eyes can make you appreciate things a little more. I wonder if that's part of what drives the people who run that newbie club where I first found my bearings all those months ago.
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