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We cannot be seen in crowds.

That, after trial and error, is what I have discovered about Beginning and myself. In sparsely populated sims, with perhaps one or two other people, we can linger as long as we like. But if we hit the dance floor and too many others are there, the crashmonster will pounce on one or both of us.

[livejournal.com profile] caliburnsusanto was kind enough to take some pictures of Beginning and me together at his palatial grounds at Isla Susanto.

Caliburn offered us a number of places to pose, starting with his gazebo.

("Oh, I like this one!" Beginning said when we hopped on the couch.)

Caliburn shot quite a few pictures at this pose. He also offered me an emote HUD, which is why I'm puckered up like that.

He also had quite a bit of fun with camera angles . . .

. . . and fun with Windlight.

Still pictures cannot really do justice to the cuddle pose by the fire here. Pictures of avatars in motion have a tendency to come out slightly odd. But to be together, embracing and snuggling, was a true gift.

And we are grateful for it.

Afterwards, we met up with [livejournal.com profile] argent_bury for martinis and conversation. Beginning changed to the new Lara hair from Sirena and I demonstrated the magic of the hair tie on it. Argent remarked that between my new glasses and Beginning's hairstyle, we were getting positively domestic.

This is the only workable picture I was able to get from that, and I apologize for the downgrade in quality from Calburn's marvelous pictures.

Having had such a long stretch of time together, I'd thought perhaps the latest Release Candidate had been fixed to the point that we no longer had anything to fear. Alas, we went to attend QTLabs Apogee's rezday party a few days later and barely lasted more than a few moments. Thus the conclusion that begins this entry:

We cannot be seen in crowds.
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