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Beginning and I were partnered back in December or so, but we never had a wedding ceremony. I gave her a ring I made, which she still wears, and that seemed to be enough.

Circumstances kept us from standing in one another's presence for far too long, and when at last we were able to meet again, I invited her to join me at the celebration for the launch of Virtual Africa. We found a slow dance in the corner and gazed adoringly at one another for a long stretch.

As the party wound down, Beginning and I went to Virtual Africa proper to explore. We found a lovely lounge spot and sat on the couch there for a long stretch, as vibrantly patterned swaths of fabric blew gently in the breeze. I suggested that this could be a spot for romantic moments in future.

The Group IM for Quantum Tribe Laboratories dinged for both of us. RedMinx Winx was looking for a minister to preside over her impending nuptials and after a flurry of suggestions, one was found. I'd noticed that quite a few people were getting married in Second Life of late.

"Do you think we should have a ceremony?" Beginning asked.

"This long after the fact?" I asked, "People would say we were just in it for the gifts."

But then I thought about it and decided that perhaps we should do something, perhaps in the way I once read people sometimes did in Medieval times, by simply exchanging vows to one another without necessarily having witnesses.

Beginning flew to look for a spot and settled on the stage area, in front of rows of empty seats. She sent me a teleport and we faced one another and spoke our vows into the open air.

You: Beginning, I love you, and I promise to love, honor and cherish you for the rest of my Second Life.
Beginning Thursday: CyFishy, I love you, and I promise to love, honor and cherish you for the rest of my Second Life.
You: /hug Beginning.
[nothing happened]
You: /pounce Beginning
Pounce 1: You have offered to pounce Beginning Thursday.
CyFishy pounces Beginning !

You: Well, the hug didn't work, so I had to do the next best thing. ;)
Beginning Thursday: /hug CyFishy
Hug: Beginning would like give you a hug. Say [Yes] to accept.
Beginning gives CyFishy a big hug.

Only in Second Life . . .

A few days later, Hamlet Au of New World Notes fame sent me a message asking if he could take a picture of the pair of us. (I'd sent him the Christmas picture of Beginning and me and told him the story behind it, which he found quite intriguing and asked a few questions about.) So the next day I managed to catch him inworld and we ended up doing a few quick snapshots in my living room, in much the same spot Beginning and I had first embraced all those months ago.

Hamlet had to depart (I hope he was able to get some decent shots--I apologized for having no presentable couple animations beyond the free hug) but Beginning and I decided to take the opportunity to spend a little quality time together. We changed from our casual gear into some formals and went down to the Blue Note, another fine spot for SL romance. We tried a waltz, but it came out a little stiff and awkward, so we hopped on a ballroom dance and oh, that was so much more like it. We spun gracefully, flowed in one another arms and even kissed in that face-mashing SL sort of way.

A FashCon notice from Role Optic (that's the name of the shop, not the avatar!) for scripted glasses intrigued me and Beginning slipped away for a little while so I could shop unhindered. I picked up a marvelous pair of round glasses that can be resized and tinted with a few button presses and tried them on.

Beginning returned and quite liked the new look. We danced at Quantum for a while and then took up an invitation to Grizzy's Cafe to go fishing. We tried the demo poles and, well, got hooked. I splurged on a Pro rod and Beginning picked up a Casual one and we happily fished and chatted with Kedawen Darrow and others as we picked up everything from fish to spare tires. Initially, we were still in our evening dress, but eventually Beginning decided to wear the bikini top and bottom that she had managed to hook and I changed into some simple black shorts I had rattling about in my inventory.

7Seas Fishing is one of the most addictive things I've come across in Second Life and I sent an IM to QTLabs Apogee suggesting that he might want to get a fishing area set up at Quantum Fields. (He dropped by, had a look and promptly bought one, so now I can fish at Quantum as well.)

I decided I also needed to invest in an aquarium for my fishies, so I picked up one of those as well and set it up in the upstairs of my house. Beginning, again, slipped away so I could work unimpeded and I called it a night soon after.

Alas, the Thing In The Way Of Us Meeting has reared back up again with a vengeance. We tried to meet in Extropia but crashed out twice. Frustrating. Pictures are likewise marred when I try to take them of us together.

We do what we can. The peculiar relationship between us assures us that the connection is never truly broken.


Date: 2008-05-15 06:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] caliburnsusanto.livejournal.com
If RAM issues are preventing you from getting decent pics I would be happy to take some anytime anywhere for you to keep.

Party on.


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