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I'm bumping up against the prim limits on my little 512 parcel and looking for ways to knock down my prim count so I have more prims to make skirts with.

I have a nice enough freebie couch that I picked up somewhere but it takes up nine prims and I decided that needed some tweaking.

Fortunately, it was fully modifiable, so I unlinked and dissected it a bit to see what I could subtract. The legs and armrests were actually done pretty efficiently--the original designer, one Siggy Romulus by name, had used hollowed boxes for them so they took three prims instead of the six prims I'd dreaded they would.

However, the armrests were supported by cylinders against the legs. Why? It's not like they were going to fall down without them.

So I deleted the cylinders and saved a grand total of four prims. But when you're building stuff, four prims can make all the difference.

Couch still looks fine. I suppose if I was on a really big physics-defying tip, I'd delete the legs and just let the thing hover, but it looks credible enough.

Eventually, I suppose I'm going to have to invest in a larger space. But for now I think I'll stay on the minimalist side and hang out in the mansions of my friends if I need a taste of the luxe life.
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