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My third rezday was last Saturday and while I wasn't able to make it inworld until late in the day, I did have a lovely time once I made it in.

Beginning even had a rezday present for me--a chair she picked up from the scattered freebie boxes at Bare Rose.

It's a remarkably good chair for a freebie--it comfortably fits two and doesn't leave one person looking awkward with their hands in space if they sit alone. The original upholstery didn't quite match our decor, so Beginning had attempted to painstakingly retexture it but halfway through her work she ended up painting the whole thing red. We agreed it both looked just fine that way, though Beginning is muttering about at least redoing the woodwork.

Since we had no particular plans, I decided to IM [livejournal.com profile] caliburnsusanto for suggestions of places to explore. Caliburn suggested Immersiva, an artsy sim designed by Bryn Oh.

Caliburn offered to be our tour guide, but since I couldn't rez the couples walk I like to use when Beginning and I explore together, I pointed out it might be a bit trickier than usual. Caliburn instead gave us a few hints of things to look for and urged us to look closely at things as there are "tiny details everywhere."

Though even the large details are fairly impressive!

We wandered for a bit and peered at the nooks and crannies and then a Group notice for Funny Song Night at Grizzy's Cafe popped up. Beginning pointed out that "we're not obligated to explore the whole place in one night" so we decided to head to Grizzy's for some dancing and socializing.

Symmetry Munro was wearing a jester hat and handing out cigars when we arrived, which pretty much set the mood. Beginning and I rezzed a couples dance and tangoed together. Edward Bournemouth and Myn Delling arrived, having recently got back from their RL honeymoon, and we extended our congratulations. I was also wished a happy rezday by many.

We went from there to Quantum for more dancing and rezday celebration. I'd mentioned how I'd first shown up in Second Life seeing Duran Duran and had yet to find them, and DJ Lysander threw a few Duran Duran tunes into the set just for me.

Finally, we took a trip to Inspire Space Park for some stargazing and decided to call it a night.

Days like this remind me why I'm so passionate about this world to begin with.

I've done a bit of redecorating in the living room. Beginning's gift led me to get rid of the Impossible Couch and I took the rug I'd made with a modified library texture and used a gorgeous rug design that Miles had come up with while spinning potential fabrics for our clothing line. I took my pseudo-Mondrian upstairs and added some new artwork by the lovely and talented irix Pink.

The table by the chair is one of the first things I ever built that I still have rezzed. It still holds up pretty well, I think, even if it's something anybody could make after a visit to the Ivory Tower of Prims.

Beginning has been spending enough time inworld on her own (at my insistence) that she's considering starting a blog of her own to detail her adventures. I'll let everybody here know the moment she does.

Date: 2009-08-15 05:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ceejay-writer.livejournal.com
Happy Rezzday! I'm glad you had such a nice time - and now I too want to check out Immersiva. I will, very soon!

Caliburn is always the best tour guide or adviser on adventure ideas, isn't he?


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