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My third rezday was last Saturday and while I wasn't able to make it inworld until late in the day, I did have a lovely time once I made it in.

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Beginning has been spending enough time inworld on her own (at my insistence) that she's considering starting a blog of her own to detail her adventures. I'll let everybody here know the moment she does.
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In the end, of course, I failed.

It is probably for the best that I gave the blogosphere no more than a day’s notice—indeed, barely gave MYSELF more than a day’s notice—before embarking on this grand adventure. I suppose I’d have a harder time living it down if I’d made a massive show of my intentions.

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So a year ago, after a rather extraordinary night and a strange day spent recovering from it, I swung by my parents' house to borrow their computer since that was the only way I could get on SL at the time.

Miles and I sent cell phone text messages back and forth in the hopes of arranging a meetup there. Miles urged me to go to the Saturn Grill while I waited for her to arrive.

So I searched for Saturn Grill and thus I arrived at Quantum Fields for the first time.

The Saturn Grill is apparently the SL rendering of a RL restaurant. Just outside of it, people were dancing to the tunes being spun by DJ Lysander Lemuria (Miles Montgolfier's RL brother.) There was also a mechanical bull that you could hop on the back of and see how many seconds you could hold on before you were thrown off. (It was fun. I miss that bull.)

Miles never managed to make it inworld that particular night before I gave up and drove home, but I did return and Miles and I spent many a night there dancing and getting to know the ways of Positive Quantum Energy. I remember when Miles gave me a slew of freebie skins and clothes (to help me shed some of the newbie look I was still carrying) on top of the giant robot they used to have there.

When my Very Dear Friend, Beginning Thursday, first incarnated into SL on a Thursday night, Quantum Fields was one of the first places she went, at my recommendation. She was made very welcome in short order.

Over the year I've been there, I've watched the place grow and change, watched them move the dance floor from place to place (much to my frustration!) and now the shop I've been talking about opening for yay these many months is officially open there. (Just down a bit from the Saturn Grill, actually.)

And, to celebrate the year anniversary of my arrival, they've been having their second Positive Quantum Energy festival all this weekend in my honor! Okay, maybe not. Though it is funny how that worked out.

Drop by sometime and see the place that has shaped so much of my Second Life. The PQE Festival runs through Sunday, but the PQE will always be there year-round . . .

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The nice folks at Quantum Tribe Laboratories are doing their second Positive Quantum Energy Festival, starting on Friday, February 1, 2008 and running nonstop through Sunday, February 3, 2008.

That's a lot of hours. And they need a lot of musicians.

So, if you are a live musician in Second Life, or know anybody who is, please get in touch with Lysander Lemuria inworld or send an email to djlysander@qtlabs.us. They're also open to DJs to fill in between acts, but they're leaning towards live music as much as possible.

This is all the information I have that I can proclaim with any level of certainty. Please direct all questions you may have to Lysander. Thanks!

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A little before I started this blog, I came across the [livejournal.com profile] second_lifers community and found out about places like Kadarin Hall and Grizzy's Cafe. I was there when [livejournal.com profile] kateamdahl was first asking for ideas for a place she wanted to build where people could have fun in a more intellectually stimulating fashion than Second Life usually provides.

The result was The Diversionarium, and I'm a bit embarrassed to say that it wasn't until recently that I finally gave it a visit, having been such an enthusiastic supporter of the idea from the early stages. But, I finally made it and the landmark now sits in the "Hangouts" folder in my inventory.

My first few visits were solo experiences, as there were no scheduled events, but there are still ways to keep oneself amused even alone. Quoste (a guess-the-word game that involves notable quotations) can be fun in a group, but can also be played by oneself. They also have games like Chess and Reversi for duos, and Mystery Build for larger groups (more on that later.)

I went another night when the lovely [livejournal.com profile] nox_pinion was hostessing. We had a long chat about ideas for a sort of newbie tips website I've been thinking about creating so people entering Second Life for the first time would be a little more prepared. We were joined by featherfoot Fadoodle ([livejournal.com profile] azureavian) and she in turn invited a few more friends (whose names and LJs, if any, I have lost track of.) I played a game of Reversi with Nox (I won, but probably because Nox was too distracted by hostessing duties to pay full attention to the game) and then we decided to convene upstairs and ended up playing a few rounds of Mystery Build.

I really enjoyed Mystery Build, because it is one of those things you can really only do easily in Second Life. The closest RL equivalent would be Pictionary, but instead of drawing, you have to build a representation of the word out of prims. The slightly frustrating thing is that the scripted object that runs the game decides if someone has guessed correctly, and close guesses don't always count. I had to create "a bowl of cereal" and someone guessed "cereal bowl" very early on, but the script didn't parse it as a successful guess, but did accept just "cereal". Of course, by that point I'd not only made the bowl, I'd made the box and was tilting it over the bowl and adding little bits of cereal streaming from the top. Anybody who wants practice their building skills, my goodness, it's a great way to do it.

On another visit to the Diversionarium, I ran into another LJ denizen, [livejournal.com profile] argent_bury, inworld for the first time. I'd been wandering in boyshape at the time and she was a bit surprised to see me thus. I showed her one of the few male outfits I have--the Blaze tuxedo that I still treasure--and she changed into her little black dress to match.

click for pic . . . )

I got a notice that DJ Lysander was doing his thing at QTLabs, and I decided to wander over there for a bit.

I have a little more time to work with than I did, so I may be spending a little more time inworld. Just have to be careful that I don't get too absorbed in it at the cost of those pesky RL obligations.
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We've all been there, of course. You stumbled from Orientation Island to Help Island, worked your way through until you kinda, sorta, felt you had the hang of it and then ventured past the point of no return into the big, wide world of Second Life.

I found it a bit crazy where I arrived. Fortunately, I found a teleport booth that pinged me to a little club that was pretty much set up for newbies to find their footing. There was a dancefloor and in one corner was a literal heap of boxes containing freebies for newbies to help themselves to.

I had a little bit of help, because other Duranies had ventured there before me and were able to devote more time to getting settled. We traded SL names on the Duran Duran message boards, and I soon friended some people I knew from there and at one point had a lovely little gossip session about certain Duranies we knew, while sitting around a patio table on the roof of someone's house.

Miles probably got me up to speed faster than anybody, once we started meeting up in SL regularly. She took me to Deviant Kitty and gave me Lindens to buy my first flexi hair. She directed me to Quantum Fields and introduced me to her circle of friends and acquaintances.

I don't hang in places where newbies show up much, but once in a while I come across them. Recently, I checked out a place on a lark and came across a rather endearing newbie named Rubber (I'll have to look up his last name.) He asked me where I was from. I told him "Livigno." Then I ended up taking him to my humble abode and showing him around. (I live on a 512 plot, so there isn't much to show.) I found out a nifty way to teleport somebody without having to friend them right away--just open their profile and leave it open when you teleport. When you land, the profile window will still be open and you can offer a teleport from there.

So I showed him my digs and he asked what my hangouts were, so I took him to Quantum Fields. DJ Lysander was doing his thing and people who hadn't seen me in a while were saying hello. It felt kind of odd to be that cool. Rubber got the hang of using the dance ball and we grooved for a bit before he asked to see the rest of the place. So we went off for a bit--I showed him the Saturn Grill, which is apparently a replica of a RL restaurant that sponsors the sim and we ended up on the boardwalk, watching the prim waves. He said he was interested in learning how to build things--I pointed him toward the Ivory Tower of Primitives. I finally had to leave--it was very late for me and my RL bed was calling, but I gave him a hug goodnight and expressed the hope that I'd see him again.

Sometimes hanging out with someone who literally sees this virtual world with new eyes can make you appreciate things a little more. I wonder if that's part of what drives the people who run that newbie club where I first found my bearings all those months ago.
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Miles Montgolfier and Yours Truly have a curious relationship in SL, because we actually know each other in RL. Our schedules being what they are, we generally see more of each other in SL than RL, but once in a while I'll schlep my laptop over to Miles' apartment and use the WiFi so we can play and hang out at the same time.

Last night was such a night. We had a nice evening of beer, green tea and lip gloss whilst meeting and greeting in SL with Miles' various friends and acquaintances, who I am also getting to know. At one point, Miles' computer crashed, so I explained to her guests what had happened. BrightLeaf Gastel suggested that maybe she was afk and I explained, no, we're in the same room, I'm watching the computer reboot, she'll be right back, honest.

It was an odd confession to make, almost like I'd broken the fourth wall or revealed a secret. But it's not like I never speak of my RL in SL--I'll mention when I'm drinking wine or doing the laundry when I'm chatting in a dance club. I'll even mention what city I live in as long as somebody doesn't a/s/l me in an IM first thing without so much as a how-do-you-do. So mentioning that I'm right next to Miles in RL as well as SL wasn't, in the grand scheme of things, that much of a revelation.

Miles showed off some of the work she's been doing on her place. She uploaded some new textures that are based on photographs of the ceiling of the Biltmore Hotel. Some she actually put on the ceiling, others are currently hovering in midair on a cube she built to experiment with.

We hung out for a while at Miles' place with Sacred Singh, BrightLeaf Gastell and an old friend of Miles', Succuba Cerminara. BrightLeaf and I attempted to troubleshoot why Sacred wasn't getting streaming music in SL anymore (looks like it may be a firewall issue--we gave her a temporary workaround.) Sacred and Succuba had to leave, BrightLeaf went on ahead to Quantum Fields for DJ Lysander's set and Miles and I changed clothes and ended up having a chat with Miles' neighbors, Apelles Luna and Ciara Ashton. (They actually showed up at Miles' digs under their alts, but the names elude me and I neglected to screenshot them.) We invited them to join us at Quantum Fields and we all went to dance for a few hours. For some reason, they moved the dance out of the Event Center and onto the boardwalk in front. (The Quantum Tribe people have an odd habit of rearranging things on their island periodically, which makes many landmarks absolutely useless over time.)

Lysander handed the DJ duties over to Miles around 10:00 SL time and Miles DJed for the rest of the night. I'd had too much beer to drive home safely, so I crashed at Miles'.

So far, the update seems to be running okay for me, though the initial rough patches after the changeover were a little frustrating. We'll see how it shakes out over time.
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I'd planned on illustrating my adventures a little more extensively, and still may do so, but I realized that there is a certain measure of trickiness that comes with surreptitiously taking screenshots in the middle of a conversation. So most of the pictures here will either be me solo, or me at some kind of mass event where everybody's out to see and be seen anyway. More intimate shots will have to wait until I get the consent of those I'm hanging out with.

I'm writing this entry without any access to last night's screenshots, but I may edit it later to add them in.

I did a little experimenting with my scanner and a dress and came up with a velvet fabric texture. I even got it to work with the alpha channel texture I'd created earlier. Doesn't work as well on the prim skirt as I would have liked, though--have to figure that one out.

thusly . . .  )

Teleports were gafarked for some reason. I got stuck at Medazzaland which, in keeping with the cowboy/cowgirl theme that night, was playing country music. Gah. I tried teleporting to Quantum and couldn't. Tried teleporting home and that was also a no-go. I ended up logging out and logging back in, setting my entry point for home instead of the last place I was. Teleporting still didn't work. I gave flying a try, but found myself once more blocked by angry red barriers around various plots. I couldn't even teleport home. I IMed with Miles--who wanted me to meet somebody--and logged out once more.

Then I tried something sneaky that will come in handy the next time teleportation garfarks.

When you log in, you can set your entry point three ways. You can reappear the last place you were when you logged out, you can start out at the spot you've designated as 'home' (this only makes sense if you own land--otherwise you're only allowed to set spots near the antique telehubs as 'home', which are usually crowded and annoying) OR you can type in a region name and get plunked down somewhere in the middle of it. So I gave the last option a try, typed in "Quantum Acres" (where Miles' place is) and logged in.

Ta-da! I could even see Miles (the wings are a dead giveaway) off in the distance with somebody, so I flew over and landed where they were. I hung with with Miles and some of her friends and we decided to fly over to Quantum Fields where Lysander Lemuria was DJing. I know Lysander through Miles (they're siblings in RL, actually) and he's one of my favorite SL DJs--he plays an eclectic mix of tunes and he'll even give shoutouts to each of the avies in the room in between songs. (He once mused aloud whether my screen name was actually pronounced Cy-Fy-Shy.) I mentioned I was taking pictures for my blog a few nights ago and Lysander said "Go ahead and blog me!" So here you are. ;)

Ladies and Gentlemen, DJ Lysander . . .  )

I danced until late and called it a night. (That's one of the groovy things about Second Life--that you can go out to a dance club while still in your pajamas.)


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